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Wmic bios

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I wanted to check on my windows product key and I used the well known 02 methods:. However, the commands aren't retrieving any product key and no error messages are being shown.

Background: I have the product key printed on the CD and from the Activation settings, I can see that the product is activated. Re-entering the same product key is not an issue and reaffirms to me that the product is activated.

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Is there something wrong with how I am approaching this? Why cant I see the product key in this machine while I can able to do so in my other machine? Check your activation settings. Does is stay : Windows is activated with a digital license? If so, your OS is activated without a product key, so there is no key stored on the system to retrieve.

Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Thanks for your feedback. Thanks TechFreak. Just checked and I can confirm that for both my machines Windows was activated using a digital license.

However, on the second machine, the WMIC is producing a key while the other one is not showing anything. Mine is activated via Certificate of Authority and yet I can see the product that command. October 6, Due to high volumes, response times in the community may be delayed over the next few days. OA3xOriginalProductKey" However, the commands aren't retrieving any product key and no error messages are being shown. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

I have the same question Thanks for marking this as the answer.This post explains how to get computer make and model like manufacturer name, model number and other hardware details from Windows command prompt. Based on the information you require, you can use any of the above commands.

These commands return the following information on my computer. This command would be useful to remotely fetch the model information from a bunch of computers in the network.

We need to invoke this command on each of the computers and obtain the information.

wmic bios

Thanks very much for this. I tried both of these command prompts and I got nothing. What can I do to get the actual names? Great stuff man. Thanks, I had forgotten all my command knowledge and how useful they can be. I will start re-learning them now. Then what would I do please help me. How to get computer make and model by Srini. Find computer make and model from CMD Just run the command given below to get computer model.

Reply Link. Hi i got clear idea, with this information. Neither command works for me on a W2K8 machine. Thanks a lot. These commands worked like a charm! Thanks :. How can you find the Make and Model for remote device on the network? Leave this field empty.

MS-DOS and Windows command line wmic command

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wmic bios

You already provided your own answer, however the hardware you have has no serial number. People either did not set one at manufacture, or they forgot about it. This is the way I use when trying to find serial number of a remote computer at my job. Its pretty much the same concept but your just not looking for a remote serial your looking for a local one.

wmic bios

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It may be that the serial number of the computer isn't saved in the BIOS the same way as your personal computer.

You may need to try something like CPU-Z or similar to gather hardware information. MichaelFrank: That's great. Most likely, this isn't a brand name computer and nobody ever assigned it a serial number. If it isn't a mass produced model it simply won't need a serial number as there isn't many reasons to identify the computer as one complete unit. The individual components will likely have separate warranties with their respective manufacturers.

Active Oldest Votes. This is sadly quite common. Hennes Hennes Yes and no. There is a field for the serial number and other fields for much more information in many generic BIOSes and methods to read these fields.

The person manufacturing the BIOS should fill this with the correct information. Unless that is done the fields often read their default values e. Or "serial number: " etc etc. Elder4Ever Elder4Ever 70 2 2 bronze badges. The Overflow Blog. Podcast Ben answers his first question on Stack Overflow. The Overflow Bugs vs. Featured on Meta. Responding to the Lavender Letter and commitments moving forward.Properties are listed in alphabetic order, not MOF order.

Reserved 0. Reserved 1. Unknown 2. ISA is supported 4.

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MCA is supported 5. EISA is supported 6. PCI is supported 7. Plug and Play is supported 9. APM is supported BIOS shadowing is allowed ESCD support is available Boot from CD is supported Selectable Boot is supported Int 13h - Japanese Floppy for Toshiba 1.

Int 13h - 5. Int 13h - 3. Int 5h, Print Screen Service is supported Int 9h, Keyboard services are supported Int 14h, Serial Services are supported Int 17h, printer services are supported ACPI supported USB Legacy is supported AGP is supported I2O boot is supported LS boot is supported Smart Battery supported Array of the complete system BIOS information.Wmic is an external command that is available for the following Microsoft operating systems.

To quit from the wmic prompt, type quit or exit. Display each of the logical disk drives on the computer, as shown below. This command would give you brief information about the operating system, as shown in the example below.

The command above may appear involved, but is still relatively simple. Below, is an example of how the output may appear in the bios.

cant view Windows Product Key with the WMIC command

Lists each of the programs that are installed on the computer with brief details. Note: This command could take a minute or two to complete depending on how many programs you have installed on the computer. Furthermore, the output may exceed the limit of what can be shown in the window. This command can also be made into an HTML table as explained in the previous example. Display the model, name, and size of the hard drives installed on the computer, as shown in the example below.

Availability Syntax Examples. Note To run the wmic command, you must have administrative rights. Additional information See our WMI definition for further information and related links on this term. Was this page useful? Namespaces are always relative. ROLE - Path for the role containing the alias definitions to be available for the utility session.

NODE - Specify what servers the alias will operate against. Default is 'Impersonate'. Default is 'Pktprivacy'. TRACE - Specify whether output debug information is to be copied to stderr during the processing of the request s. USER - Provides the user to be used during the session. Access to the aliases available on the local system. Base board also known as a motherboard or system board management.

Boot configuration management. CD-ROM management. Computer system management. CPU management. DataFile Management. DCOM Application management. User's Desktop management. Desktop Monitor management. Device memory addresses management. Physical disk drive management.I looked them over and they look exquisite.

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Gary, RN, MSN, Touro International University (TUI)"I passed my defense this afternoon with flying colors.Please enable cookies in your browser settings to assure you will have a optimal experience. Fortunately, the pronouncements of various storage experts about where all-flash storage will be in five years are far less gloomy. There is no doubt that all-flash is receiving market buy-in.

So much so, that hybrid array sales are faltering and arrays made solely with hard disk drives (HDDs) are all but disappearing. Gartner analyst Valdis Filks believes that solid-state arrays (SSAs) will improve in performance by a factor of 10, and double in density and cost-effectiveness within the next year. This is destined to change the dynamics of the storage market. And from there, he sees many years of further expansion.

Further, price erosion will probably reach a level to allow the complete substitution of SAS hard disks, reducing the usage of hybrid systems to usage areas that focus on the lowest costs per capacity and which do not have high-performance requirements. SSAs are emerging as the general preference to hybrid arrays and as a clear replacement for aging disk arrays. Vendors are innovating with various form factors and technologies such as PCIe, NMVe and 3D XPoint.

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NVMe is a much-needed update to data transport mechanisms created in an era when Internet users were happy with 28k dial-up connections, This brings the communication channels around storage closer to the velocity of modern processors and flash architectures.

NVMe also excites Jeff Boudreau, president, Dell EMC Storage Division. He notes that although we are still in the early days of real NVMe usage in storage, it will become the industry standard in five years. Storage class memory (SCM) is a general term that may include specific vendor offerings such as 3D XPoint, ZSSD and others. It is also referenced sometimes as persistent memory (PMEM). This memory technology promises to be 10 times denser and up to 1000 times faster than conventional flash.

Jeff Baxter, chief evangelist for ONTAP at NetApp, agrees that the new possibilities offered by SCM and NVMe are disrupting the market and fueling innovation. NetApp has been developing NVMe-over-Fabrics technology over existing 32 GB FC SAN infrastructure from Brocade directly to NetApp AFF all-flash arrays running the NetApp ONTAP data management system.

It has also introduced SCM technology as a cache directly within an AFF storage controller, providing three times the IOPS with the same release of ONTAP, same controller and same workload. These technological breakthroughs are the news of today. But in a few years, they will enter the mainstream. Users can expect to pay more for products containing SCM and other technologies for a while. Eventually, however, they will become the norm. These will be based on server designs with intelligent storage software on top, and less on dedicated storage controller design.

WMIC COMMAND LINE- windows 10, windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1

When Rob Commins, vice president of marketing at Tegile looks into the crystal ball, he sees one large shared memory pool as opposed to a shared storage pool. Eric Herzog, vice president of worldwide storage channels, IBM, concurs with other experts that we can expect NVMe and 3D XPoint to become increasingly more prevalent.

He also called attention to recent discussions and presentations centered around RRAM as yet another wave of high performance, non-volatile storage media. At the same time, he foresees flash moving down the food chain. Whereas disk or even tape is regarded as the best home for secondary storage currently, Herzog thinks flash will gradually take over large chunks of these markets.

Perhaps there will be a price premium for the very latest flash technologies like SCM. But otherwise, the idea that all-flash arrays are more expensive than high-performance hard drive based systems is a myth, according to Herzog. On cost per GB, he thinks they are on par. Once you factor in the extensive abilities for data reduction, they can be less expensive per GB. This will spur further development in the software and analytics fields. Boudreau pointed to machine learning as a key enabler.

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