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Hall effect ic

Allegro MicroSystems uses the latest integrated circuit technology in combination with the century-old Hall effect to produce Hall-effect ICs. These are contactless, magnetically activated switches and sensor ICs with the potential to simplify and improve electrical and mechanical systems.

hall effect ic

Download PDF Version. Simplified switching is a Hall sensor IC strong point. Hall-effect IC switches combine Hall voltage generators, signal amplifiers, Schmitt trigger circuits, and transistor output circuits on a single integrated circuit chip.

The output is clean, fast, and switched without bounce an inherent problem with mechanical switches. A Hall-effect switch typically operates at up to a kHz repetition rate, and costs less than many common electromechanical switches.

AKM Hall Magnetic Switch ICs

The linear Hall-effect sensor IC detects the motion, position, or change in field strength of an electromagnet, a permanent magnet, or a ferromagnetic material with an applied magnetic bias. Energy consumption is very low. The output is linear and temperature-stable. The sensor IC frequency response is flat up to approximately 25 kHz.

A Hall-effect sensor IC is more efficient and effective than inductive or optoelectronic sensors, and at a lower cost. The Hall-effect sensor IC is virtually immune to environmental contaminants and is suitable for use under severe service conditions. The circuit is very sensitive and provides reliable, repetitive operation in close-tolerance applications.

Applications for Hall-effect ICs include use in ignition systems, speed controls, security systems, alignment controls, micrometers, mechanical limit switches, computers, printers, disk drives, keyboards, machine tools, key switches, and pushbutton switches.

They are also used as tachometer pickups, current limit switches, position detectors, selector switches, current sensors, linear potentiometers, rotary encoders, and brushless DC motor commutators. The basic Hall element is a small sheet of semiconductor material, referred to as the Hall element, or active arearepresented in figure 1. Figure 1. Schematic representation of the active area of a Hall-effect device, with the Hall element represented by the component marked with an X.

A constant voltage source, as shown in figure 2, forces a constant bias current, I BIASto flow in the semiconductor sheet. Figure 2. V HALL in the absence of a significant magnetic field.

If the biased Hall element is placed in a magnetic field with flux lines at right angles to the bias current see figure 3the voltage output changes in direct proportion to the strength of the magnetic field.

This is the Hall effect, discovered by E. Hall in Figure 3. Hall effect, induced V HALLresulting from significant magnetic flux green arrows perpendicular to the bias current flow. The output voltage of the basic Hall element is quite small. This can present problems, especially in an electrically noisy environment.The sensors detect the magnetic field and generate an very small analog output signal proportional to the magnetic field.

The AKM non-programmable linear sensors offer a significant improvement in single axis linear Hall Effect sensing. With significantly lower noise, the dynamic range will be significantly improved.

The thin package enables a reduced core gap to increase the sensitivity and reduce the fringe field near the gap. The enhanced badnwidth increases the AC response by a factor of greater than 2. Because of the very low noise level, the EQ sensors are also ideal for linear and angular sensing applications in the DC to kHz range. AKM products are not to be used in devices or assemblies if the failure in any way of the AKM product could cause that device, assembly or associated system to become hazardous or unsafe.

With the input voltage below 5V, the Hall IC supply is no longer regulated and the sensitivity, supply current and full scale output range will reduce by an amount directly proportional to the supply voltage. Prices are expressed in U. Prices are subject to change without notice. Quantity discounts are available as shown above. For general information refer to Wikipedia — Hall Effect.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

hall effect ic

Pricing Part No. EQL quantity. T22G quantity. Notes Quantities less than full reel are sold in cut tape, quantities of full reels and higher are supplied in complete tape reels. Delivery: Small quantities typically from stock.

Hall effect sensor switch wiring diagram

Larger quantities up to 90 days. All orders are Non-Cancelable and Non-Refundable.

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Quantity Price 1 - 9. T22G quantity Add to cart.Hall elements are a representative example among various types of magnetic sensors that use semiconductors. Hall elements are sensors that use the galvanomagnetic effect called the Hall effect. Very little voltage can be obtained from a Hall element, so such elements generally require amplifiers such as operational amplifiers.

AKM Linear Hall Magnetic ICs

Because a Hall effect IC combines a Hall element and operational amplifier, the number of externally attached components can be reduced and circuit design can be simplified. It is possible to distinguish the magnetic poles with a single Hall effect IC. Such ICs are used for a wide range of purposes, including general and automotive use. General-purpose Hall effect ICs are used for a wide range of products, from large home appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators to mobile phones.

Automotive-purpose ICs are naturally used to detect whether windows and doors are open or closed, but many Hall effect ICs are also used for purposes such as detecting vehicle height, speed, and the number of motor rotations.

A Hall effect IC incorporates a Hall element. The Lorentz force results in the generation of voltage Hall voltage in the d i rect i on perpend i cular to the current and magnetic field the Hall effect.

The Hall effect IC detects the existence of the magnetic f i eld from the magnet by detect i ng this voltage. The output voltage increases in direct proportion to the magnetic flux density. Therefore, a Hall effect IC can detect not only the existence of the magnetic f i eld but also the d i rection of the f i eld north or south pole based on the d i rect i on of this voltage.

A Hall switch IC amplifies the voltage Hall voltage output by a Hall element and outputs a signal by processing the signals inside the IC depending on the magnetic flux density. There are two types of Hall effect ICs.

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One is a high-speed operation type for rotation detection of motors etc. Hall effect ICs that use different detection methods can be selected according to the purpose. This chapter describes representative types of Hal ICs. Hall effect ICs detect magnetic fields, which have either a north or south pole. This section describes four types of Hall effect IC detection: unipolar detectionwhich is the detection of either the north or south pole, omnipolar detectionwhich is the detection of both the north and south poles without discrimination, bipolar detectionwhich is the detection of the north and south poles in alternation.

Bipolar detection is used not only to determine the strength of the magnetic field, but also to discriminate between the north and south pole, a Hall effect IC characteristic. Please select an appropriate detection method according to the type of application for which the Hall effect IC is to be used.

ZCL detects the point when the S-pole of the applied magnetic flux density changes to N-pole or vice versa, that is when there is a polarity change. Optimized for brushless DC motor control, ZCL detection can easily prevent drops in motor efficiency resulting from temperature variations and manufacturing variations.

You can select a suitable Hall effect IC by considering order below. Hall effect IC Selection Table. Chopper amplifier This amplifies the voltage Hall voltage output by the Hall element. Comparator with hysteresis comparison circuit These control the output and output a high or low level signal depending on the magnetic flux density.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. These control the output and output a high or low level signal depending on the magnetic flux density.The Hall effect is the production of a voltage difference the Hall voltage across an electrical conductortransverse to an electric current in the conductor and to an applied magnetic field perpendicular to the current. It was discovered by Edwin Hall in The Hall coefficient is defined as the ratio of the induced electric field to the product of the current density and the applied magnetic field.

It is a characteristic of the material from which the conductor is made, since its value depends on the type, number, and properties of the charge carriers that constitute the current. The modern theory of electromagnetism was systematized by James Clerk Maxwell in the paper " On Physical Lines of Force ", which was published in four parts between While Maxwell's paper established a solid mathematical basis for electromagnetic theory, the detailed mechanisms of the theory were still being explored.

One such question was about the details of the interaction between magnets and electric current, including whether magnetic fields interacted with the conductors or the electric current itself. In Edwin Hall was exploring this interaction, and discovered the Hall effect while he was working on his doctoral degree at Johns Hopkins University in BaltimoreMaryland.

The Hall effect is due to the nature of the current in a conductor. Current consists of the movement of many small charge carrierstypically electronsholesions see Electromigration or all three.

When a magnetic field is present, these charges experience a force, called the Lorentz force. However, when a magnetic field with a perpendicular component is applied, their paths between collisions are curved, thus moving charges accumulate on one face of the material. This leaves equal and opposite charges exposed on the other face, where there is a scarcity of mobile charges.

The result is an asymmetric distribution of charge density across the Hall element, arising from a force that is perpendicular to both the 'line of sight' path and the applied magnetic field. The separation of charge establishes an electric field that opposes the migration of further charge, so a steady electric potential is established for as long as the charge is flowing.

In classical electromagnetism electrons move in the opposite direction of the current I by convention "current" describes a theoretical "hole flow". In some semiconductors it appears "holes" are actually flowing because the direction of the voltage is opposite to the derivation below.

For a simple metal where there is only one type of charge carrier electronsthe Hall voltage V H can be derived by using the Lorentz force and seeing that, in the steady-state condition, charges are not moving in the y -axis direction. Thus, the magnetic force on each electron in the y -axis direction is cancelled by a y -axis electrical force due to the buildup of charges. The v x term is the drift velocity of the current which is assumed at this point to be holes by convention.

hall effect ic

The v x B z term is negative in the y -axis direction by the right hand rule. Substituting these changes gives. If the charge build up had been positive as it appears in some semiconductorsthen the V H assigned in the image would have been negative positive charge would have built up on the left side. In SI units, this becomes.

As a result, the Hall effect is very useful as a means to measure either the carrier density or the magnetic field. One very important feature of the Hall effect is that it differentiates between positive charges moving in one direction and negative charges moving in the opposite. The Hall effect offered the first real proof that electric currents in metals are carried by moving electrons, not by protons.

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Hall-Effect IC Applications Guide

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